Dental Health for Kids

Find Your Friendly Kids Dentist In Derry NH

dental health for kids dentist Derry NH and Manchester NHThe best way to prevent family dental problems is to prevent them. At Vanguard Pediatric in Derry NH, just outside Manchester NH, your kid’s dentist will educate your child on the best prevention techniques.

Good dental health for children leads to good dental health for adults. Vanguard Dental Group is supplying your child with information and practice that will help them keep their beautiful smiles for the rest of their lives. We care about your child’s health, not just in our family dental office, but in your home as well.


  • Learning how to brush properly from your kid’s dentist helps your child more effectively combat tooth decay.
  • Knowing the benefits of brushing and flossing, and learning more about tooth decay from your kid’s dentist helps your child understand why tooth care is so important. Children who understand the importance of family dental care are more willing to brush their teeth before they go to bed.
  • Avoiding unnecessary cavities saves you money and time, and helps your child’s smile remain healthy and beautiful.
  • family dental Manchester NH dentists Salem NHChildren who understand the importance of family dental health for kids and who floss and brush regularly develop stronger teeth and gums. Children with strong teeth and gums are completely comfortable while they eat, and speak.
  • Carefully cared for teeth are whiter, and straighter. They help build a child’s confidence in social situations.
  • Children who properly care for their teeth smile more.

Help your child learn what they can do to avoid tooth decay and family dental care problems, and to grow into their most brilliant smile. Visit your kid’s dentist at Vanguard Dental Group, or call us at our family dental office if you are in the Derry NH, Manchester NH, or Salem NH area! With dental health for kids, Dr. Cheifetz won’t just care for your children, he’ll help them learn to better care for themselves.