What to Expect on First Visit

When your child visits our office, we take extra care to make sure both parent and child have a great first visit. How about an iPad to help them relax? Overhead TVs so they can pick their own channel? For parents, our modern office décor and amenities will amaze you.

Our pediatric dentist specializes in caring for children. If you have not been to a pediatric dentist before, you will be surprised at how well your child does. Our pediatric dentist tells the children what is going to happen before any treatment. This proven technique, called Tell-Show-Do goes a long way to making kids (and parents) feel at ease.

Depending on their age, we can perform an examination and cleaning in the chair. For kids 2.5 and younger, we usually have the child stay in your lap to make them feel more comfortable. Our pediatric dentist appreciates any guidance from parents, so we can tailor ways to make the visit easier for you and your child.